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As Jasper County Collector of Revenue, Steve will bring to the office a skill set unmatched by any other candidate.  Steve will have almost no learning curve in this important office.  The ethical standards which were demanded of a C.P.A. are life-long standards, Steve certainly will maintain them as Collector. 

Steve McIntosh won the August Republican Primary for Collector of Revenue! Steve was formally sworn in on March 1, 2019.


Steve McIntosh, Jasper County Collector of Revenue


Working Hard

Steve is a native of Southwest Missouri.   He completed grade school in Springfield and graduated from Strafford High School.  Hard work is not new to Steve.  He paid for his own clothes, car purchase and generally his own expenses from junior high through high school by mowing yards, doing general farm work, including hauling hay in the summer.  Later in high school he worked for the former Consumers' Markets, Inc. in Springfield, a job he held through his graduation from what is now known as Missouri State University with a Bachelor's Degree in Accounting.  Steve paid for his college education as he attended full time while also working over 32 hours a week.


Immediate Impact


After college, Steve passed the 3 days of testing to become a Certified Public Accountant in Missouri.  As a C.P.A. in private practice in Springfield, Steve led the independent audit of a first class County in Missouri which the firm he was with conducted.  Steve gained insight into the statutory requirements of every office in a county courthouse and certainly understood very well the functions of the office of County Collector of Revenue.  It is for this reason we believe Steve McIntosh is best qualified for Jasper County Collector of Revenue.

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A client, perhaps Steve's favorite client, Carthage Marble, made him an offer he could not refuse and Steve, his wife Linda and their three children moved to Carthage, Missouri.  Steve was Secretary and Treasurer of the closely held corporation.  At this level Steve managed a staff which handled the various administrative and accounting functions of the corporation.  Steve worked not only with employees, vendors, customers, legal counsel but also the shareholders. This management experience was invaluable. 

Years Serving communities

Steve has been involved in various organizations including Associated Industries of Missouri (board member), Carthage Chamber of Commerce, Joplin Area Chamber of Commerce, Carl Junction Area Chamber of Commerce, Webb City Chamber of Commerce, Carthage Missouri Rotary Club, First United Methodist Church of Carthage and is a prior Kiwanian.

Years loving agriculture

Steve and his wife Linda McIntosh live on a farm in Carthage where Steve has been able to continue his life-long interest in agriculture while they raise cattle.



Old friends

Steve's junior high and high school friend convinced Steve he should work with him when the friend became a member of the United States House of Representatives.  Roy Blunt and Steve had stayed in contact over the years, were even in Kiwanis Club together in Springfield.  When Roy Blunt later became a member of the US Senate, after seven terms in the US House of Representatives, Steve agreed to work for at least one term in the Senate.  The one term commitment was up on January 3, 2017 and Steve left the employment of the US Senate.  During his tenure with the House of Representatives, Steve was responsible for a variety of issues and Federal government areas for Representative Blunt, including his constituent services office in Joplin.  The constituent services efforts were very rewarding to Steve as he truly enjoys helping the residents of southwest Missouri.

"He's always been able to bring federal politics and policies to a local level so people could understand what was going on. You could call him on anything and he'd help you work through it.  He's always been accessible; he's trusted and well-respected."

Ron Richard, Missouri Senate President Pro Tem to the Joplin Globe


McIntosh Family








Steve and his wife Linda McIntosh, who works as manager of volunteer services and auxiliary fund raising for Freeman Hospital, live on a farm where Steve has been able to continue his life-long interest in agriculture while they raise cattle. Steve and Linda were fortunate to raise three children, all employed in endeavors which they enjoy.  Three grandchildren add to the fun of family gatherings. 


During my time in the US Senate working for Senator Blunt, I found the constituent services efforts were very rewarding to me as I truly enjoy helping the residents of Southwest Missouri."


steve mcintosh